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ELABORATOR Newsletter #2

Check out ELABORATOR's second newsletter, giving updates for the first half of 2024.

ELABORATOR Evaluation Plan

The ELABORATOR Evaluation Plan forms the impact evaluation framework to measure impacts in each Living Lab.

Please note - this document might be pending updates.

ELABORATOR Inclusion Plan

This plan defines ELABORATOR's strategies to promote inclusion while working for more active and sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Please note - this document might be pending some updates.

ELABORATOR Project Roll-up Banner

Download the project pull-up banner in print format (PDF File)

ELABORATOR Project Logo Files

Download a set of ELABORATOR logos to use in your communications, publications and events. (ZIP File)

ELABORATOR A5 Project Flyer

Download the project flyer in print format (PDF File)

ELABORATOR Newsletter #1

Check out the ELABORATOR inaugural newsletter and take a stroll down memory lane with us, as we reflect on the progress we have made so far.

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