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ELABORATOR x AMWE - Safe Street Spaces: Ramping up Reallocation

*Updated April 2024

ELABORATOR heads to Paris! We were excited to be joining this year's AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO, the world’s largest annual gathering focused on sustainable urban mobility solutions, for a session on safe street spaces. Find out more below.

That's right - ELABORATOR was featured at the AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO (AMWE) taking place on March 20-21, 2024 in Paris, France. AMWE is the world’s largest yearly annual gathering of international policymakers, institutions, NGOs, corporations, companies, and start-ups focused on sustainable urban mobility solutions welcoming 250+ exhibitors, 400+ speakers, and 7,000+ participants.

Following the Mobility in Cities theme, the session brought together panellists to debate which innovative tools can be used to make our streets safer and how these also help to make urban space more accessible and inclusive. They also discussed how far we are with the much-needed reallocation of space away from the private car.

Here are all the practical details of the session:

Date: 20 March 2024

Location: Paris, France

Time: 11:30AM - 12:00PM

Venue: Porte de Versailles, Pavillon 6

Room: Main Stage

It featured the following speakers from the project:

  • Andréia Lopes Azevedo, Cluster Lead Active Travel & Health, POLIS

  • Monica Olyslagers, Global Innovation Manager and Cities Specialist, International Road Assessment Programme (IRAP)

  • Merja Penttinen, Principal Scientist, VTT

  • Viviana Stavropoulou, Project Manager, e-trikala


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