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ELABORATOR Lighthouse City Milan shares their inclusive mobility pilot during UPPER project workshop

That's right! Last month, on 19 March 2024, the UPPER project organised a workshop during the Eurocities Mobility Forum, titled 'Leaving no-one behind: safe, accessible and inclusive mobility'. The session brought together key stakeholders to share perspectives from different stakeholders on necessary steps to transform cities and transport systems to become more accessible, affordable, safe and inclusive while improving the quality of life for all.

One of the ELABORATOR Lighthouse cities, Milan, was part of the workshop's panel, represented by Andrea Canevazzi (AMAT). The city shed light on their pilot within ELABORATOR, which focuses on the development of digital solutions to improve the accessibility of more vulnerable road users.

To make this happen, Milan shared one of their pilot's key activities, which is the construction of a decision support system (DSS) for the classification of public space characteristics and the assessment of architectural barriers. The DSS' key aim is to have greater knowledge and awareness of the mobility needs of citizens, in particular more vulnerable road users. The construction of the DSS is being undertaken through:

  1. The identification of the most significant use cases related to movement in public spaces for people with disabilities or other special needs, to understand which types of trips to prioritise when developing the DSS;

  2. The classification of the most common barriers in public spaces and along pedestrian routes, to obtain useful indicators on the impact and significance of different types of architectural barriers in urban movements, specifically for users with motor and visual disabilities.

Plus, you can find out more about the ELABORATOR Milan pilot in this video below, featuring Andrea Canevazzi being interviewed by the UPPER project.

The workshop was a great opportunity to collaborate with a fellow project from our CIVITAS community and learn more about their work. Stay tuned to both ELABORATOR and UPPER's news as we continue leading the way for more sustainable and inclusive urban mobility within European cities.


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